Can an Accident Attorney Help You Recover a Traffic Collision Faster

Today, we are going to discuss some of the most common roadside accident contributive factors. In the majority of the following situations listed the injured victim will be legally entitled for a financial aid in the form of a post-traffic injury compensation. However, there are cases when an accident attorney cannot justify the actions of a negligent motorcyclist.

Here are the factors, commonly leading to major injuries or fatalities on the roads of Irvine, CA:

Poor weather conditions. These include rain, snow, intense fog, and everything else that could make the asphalt slippery and reduce the rider’s visibility.

Speeding. Motorists often drive twice or even three times faster than car and truck drivers, The reason is that a motorcycle is much easier to maneuver. However, speed regulations are for everyone, so noone is allowed to speed up no matter the type of vehicle he is driving.

Using drugs or alcohol shortly before hitting the road. These substances slow down the reactions of a rider as well as limit his visibility.

Ignoring road signs or traffic lights. Even the best accident attorney may not justify a rider who does not respect the legal traffic regulations.

Splitting lanes. Motorcycles often drive between two lanes which causes great confusion on high traffic urban roads.

Dazzle from headlights at night. During the dark hours, the riders should be extra alert since they may be dazzled by another vehicle moving towards them with very bright lights on.

Car and truck drivers not being tolerant and not giving enough space to a motorcyclist. Since motorcycles are small vehicles, car drivers do not consider it necessary to give them a lot of space on the asphalt and often push them to the side positioning them between lanes which is highly dangerous.

Roads with holes and other asphalt defects. Hitting a hole with high speed may be dangerous for auto drivers but it’s 5 times more hazardous for motorcyclists whose vehicles are not that solid on the road.

Road rage. Some drivers are not tolerant enough and like to show off more with their vehicle and driving abilities. These risky self-centered actions, however, are extremely dangerous for the other traffic participants.

Riders who don’t have enough experience. Unfortunately, the highest number of injured victims are riders with less than 6 months of experience who have believed too much in their skills.

To learn about other road crash cases and their financial outcomes, or to learn how to find an accident attorney to defend your case, call Personal Injury Law Firm Irvine at (949) 205-7531. The faster you act, the higher your chances for a post-crash personal injury compensation become.

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